About Kendal Management


Transition Management – Conflict Resolution

Being in the right is no guaranty of winning. Do you want to spend your life in court, or do you want to resolve issues and move on?  We have strong ties to several major law and accounting firms and can bring them in as soon as they are needed with the goal to settle and move on. The professionals we work with share our philosophy; get a deal done.

Property Management

Life in family owned properties doesn’t stop during transition.  There are still tenants and buildings that need to be cared for.  Do you really want to get the 3:00 AM call that there is no hot water in the building? Do you really want to deal with building inspectors or irate tenants? Kendal Property Management maintains strong ties to highly skilled trades available at a moment’s notice.  We can meet your property management needs at any level.  Kendal can put together a complete team for long-term management, or simply an army of one if that is what is needed.  We have a proven track record of successfully dealing with tenants, trades and government officials.

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