Over the years Kendal Management and Laurence Weizel have both received numerous testimonials from our clients. Feel free to browser read what people have to say about us.

Richard Sutin, Senior Partner, Norton Rose LLP
“Congratulations to Laurence Weizel and the deal team for a herculean effort. No one involved ever saw a deal with this many problems popping up in such rapid succession.”

Michael Kaiser, Private Investor, Toronto, Canada
“I was extremely impressed by the manner in which Mr. Weizel responded to the many challenges of our company. He displayed an incredible diplomacy in dealing with the various family owners and always maintained a cool head and an impartial voice. It was only through Mr. Weizel’s participation that we were able to eventually solve the problems and successfully divest the portfolio.”

Marcel Kahan, Professor of Law, New York University Faculty of LawPDF

John Porter, Partner, Thornton Grout Finnigan L.L.P.
Laurence Weizel handled a very difficult situation with skill and tact while retaining the respect and confidence of all the parties involved, including a diverse group of shareholders and their advisors.  Over the course of a drawn out dispute, he remained the voice of reason to which all parties listened.  He kept focussed on achieving the best possible outcome, while dealing with complex issues in a fair and even-handed manner.  He knew when to obtain a consensus, when to compromise and when to stand his ground.  As a direct result of his efforts, the owners achieved an outstanding result.